Remembering The Beach in Photos ~ Wordless Wednesday w/Linky

It’s been far too long since I’ve written a Wordless Wednesday post. I’ve somehow forgotten how much a photo can move me until I sat trying to edit our photos from our recent Florida trip. Today I’m bringing back the Wordless Wednesday….and hope to continue it throughout the year.

I asked the girls to write a word in the sand that means something to them. Chelsea wrote this, I asked why and she said “Cuz it’s all that matters Mama”…..she’s a wise one!


Just one of hundreds I snapped on the beach…..

Sydney waves

Please feel free to link up your Worldless Wednesday posts and thank you for your comments!


  1. says

    I thought it was a lovely picture even before scrolled down and saw the Jesus there. Then I thought it was really a neat picture. After reading what you wrote, I think it is awesome, and such a wise girl!
    Glad you are participating in WW again. What a wonderful shot to start back up with.

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