1. says

    Sober Julie, this is Sober Steve E…heheh! And I saw you on my friend Kristin’s sidebar, and just HAD to stop by and wish you congratulations! TWO YEARS! And you’re ON THE WAY, girl!
    Cool shirt…Bye.

  2. Lynda M O says

    Rock on, Julie. Sober doesn’t suck and what a fab revelation when we finally understand and embrace sober. Your blog helps lots of us so keep on posting and we’ll have a party with Skype after your third year pin-receiving meeting next Feb.

  3. says

    Very Cool! Someone close to me just picked up eight years. I’ve grown to get giddy and celebrate chips and keytags and countdowns and what not.

  4. Paula Schuck says

    Hi Julie! Congratulations. That is awesome and I live how supportive everyone is of your sobriety. It is a lovely tribute to power of social media too. Hope you are still writing two years from now and we are all happy to comment on your four year chip at that time. This is a great blog.



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