Glasses USA Review

“Seeing properly shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a necessity. We do our best to help our customers and we take their vision needs very seriously by providing our customers with top quality lenses in the most fashionable frames available ~

I have worn prescription glasses since I was in Grade 3, my prescription is quite strong and I require them all day long. When contacted me to do a review for them I was hesitant. I’ve been buying glasses for so long that I have it down to almost an art form. There is serious work and consideration which goes into my glasses, they are one of the first things people notice about me and the best accessory I have!

I did some research on and was impressed by their site, they make it super easy to shop for glasses. You can shop by type of frame, material of frame, dollar value or brand name. There is even a very handy virtual mirror where you can snap a pic of yourself and upload different choices of frames onto it. It certainly gave me an idea of what each pair of glasses would look like on me.

To buy glasses  I needed my prescription, once I had it I spent some time browsing the hundreds of styles and finally settled on one I liked. The purchase process is well laid out, there are many options available (UV coating, transition lenses) and the pricing is easily visible so there are no surprises.

My eyeglasses arrived quickly, I believe it was only 8 days later when I received the package. I opened it hesitantly and was pleased to see that I really liked the look of them. The real test was next…..I placed them on my face and slowly opened my eyes. Keep in mind I’m practically blind without them so if there’s a discrepancy in my prescription I’ll know immediately.

They were perfect, not only are they cute but more importantly I can see!

Besides high quality frames and lenses, offers:

  • 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A generous refer-a-friend program (You can get $30 for each first purchase a referred friend makes – and use the $30 towards your next pair of glasses)
  • A Facebook page and Twitter feed with exclusive discounts for fans

Glasses USA has provided the following specials for my readers:

  • Take 20% off any frame in our iSee Eyewear collection and get free shipping within the US. Code: iSee20FS (you can find the collection here:
  • Take 10% off any order. Code: Blog10

Christmas Gifts – Frame Boutique

With Christmas coming I want to share with you as many fantastic products as I can.
Today I bring you an Etsy seller, Meghan Somerville from Frame Boutique.

“I am a Toronto-based jewelry designer who strives to create exquisite and elegantly handcrafted, eco-friendly and oftentimes, upcycled items. My jewelry embraces femininity through floral designs, colourful cabochon flowers & lace filigree while it also reclaims the masculine through whimsical moustache and upcycled tie necklaces.Most of my jewelry are statement pieces: über feminine, soft & min…imalist. I abide by the ‘everything in moderation’ rule of thumb; with jewelry, you don’t want to over do it. Sometimes wearing one ‘statement’ piece can express more about your personality than a few colourful items. I also don’t wear or create jewelry according to the seasons – I think floral designs can add a touch of warmth in the fall & winter months. With jewelry, my philosophy is not to limit yourself to a season, but rather pick pieces that are timeless, bold.”

I found Frame Boutique through Facebook when a friend referred their page to me, Frame Boutique’s pieces are lovely and priced affordably from $5 – $30.

Meg was kind enough to send me a few pieces to review, the first is a gorgeous red rose ring. I love the whimsy of this ring, it has the vintage feel which I love and still the fun factor!

I also received a funky necklace, it is elegant and yet has a bit of punch!

The green in the pendant is fantastic, all different hues which catch the eye.

Head on over to Frame Boutique on Etsy or Facebook and have a look, these are some wonderful gift ideas for your loved ones at reasonable prices. You can also find Meghan on Twitter at @FrameBoutique.

October Luxe Box by Loose Button Review & Giveaway

 ***************************************GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*****************************************

Guess who’s got a new look? If you guessed the Luxe Box by Loose Button you guessed correctly!

I am loving the new sleeker design of the packaging, you can see the old style on my article titled Luxe Box by Loose Button Review & Giveaway which I wrote in September.


 Loose Button offers a monthly delivery of 3-5 deluxe sized samples of high end beauty products. When I say deluxe sized, I mean larger than normal sample sizes and certainly larger than the ones found at beauty counters. Having these deluxe sized samples is the key to the value, it allows me to actually try the product more than once to ensure I truly like it before purchasing the regular size.

This box is not only beautiful, it was personalized…right down to the little round black sticker which has my name on it!

 This month Loose Button teamed up with to provide coupons for $25 off purchases, who doesn’t love an extra savings like that? They also worked with Lise Watier to give Luxe Box members an exclusive first look at their new product, the Flash Life Radiance Vial which is launching in stores this month!

 In my October Luxe Box I received:

Lise Watier – Flash Lift Radiance Vials – A concentrate of smoothing agents and moisturizers for a lifting effect and instant radiance ~ Full Size : $27

Keratase – Elixir Ultime – Bring shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to hair while smoothing hair fiber ~ Full Size: $50

Essie – Nail Polish – Essie Nail Polish has been worn by many celebrities including Princess Kate Middleton on her wedding day ~ Full Size $5

OLAY Professional Pro-X – Eye Restoration Complex – Specialized treatment hydrates to restore the area to its optimum appearance ~ Full Size $60

Chloe – Eau De Parfume – The fresh, smooth floral fragrance evokes sublime powdery rose ~ Full Size $90

 I had forgotten how much I LOVE Chloe and will be getting some soon! The Keratase is wonderful and I love the Nail Polish….the rest I will have to see how they perform over time.

Once again I love my Luxe Box and am excited to announce that Loose Button has generously given me 3 Luxe Boxes to giveaway!!!

3 people will win 1 Luxe Box each!

To participate you must be a Canadian resident.

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Winner #1 =  Soozle

 Winner #2 = belinda m 

Winner #3 –  Marlibu 

WINNERS are being notified and have 24 hours to respond.





Luxe Box by Loose Button Review & Giveaway


Recently I was chatting to a friend about our favorite cosmetics, hair products and other beauty supplies. We were chatting and I was saying how I would love to try different products but didn’t want to spend the money on the purchases. It’s so annoying to go to a store, find a new item which you purchase with high hopes and find it doesn’t live up to expectations. It’s not only a let down, it’s a waste of my money!

My girlfriend happily informed me she had the answer to my dilemma, Loose Button is a new Canadian company who have a product called Luxe Box which is the answer to my frustrations!

Luxe Boxes are sent out every month to subscribers who appreciate receiving 3-5 deluxe beauty samples from brands such as: Pur Minerals, Elizabeth Grant, dermalogica, Lancome,  Calvin Klein and more.

Today I received my very first Luxe Box for September, it was beautiful from the get-go. I felt very special when i peeled back the Canada Post packaging and saw this lovely box.

 Ripping into it like an 8-year-old on Christmas day, I actually gasped because it was so pretty!

There was a personalized note thanking me for trying out the Luxe Box, a note asking me for feedback on the September Luxe Box and a card with a ? which identified each of the products inside, including the retail pricing.

 I didn’t take the time to look at the ? card, I pulled off the branded Luxe Box sticker and pulled back the tissue paper to find 5 samples which I could swear were chosen specifically for me!

Keratase – Masque and Fluide Chroma Riche – Luminous softening treatment masque for dry highlighted or color-treated hair. Retail price: Masque $55(100ml) Fluide $41(125ml).

Pur minerals – Mineral Glow – Get that radiant, sun-kissed look all year round. This micronized mineral powder with golden undertones is infused with antioxidants to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Retail price: $24(12g).

Pure + Simple – Collagen Elastic Plus – Increase skin hydration with pure+Simple’s best-selling serum! Retail price: $80(50ml).

Mereadesso – Face + Neck Toning Gel – This face + neck toning gel is like dipping your skin in nourishing supplements. Retail price: $120(50ml).

Is my excitement shining through here folks?

I mean come on! Hair nutrition for colored hair, a bronzer I already use and skin care???

Not only were these products packaged in high-quality, attractive packaging but they are certainly products I would buy. I appreciate the over-sized samples, they will give me the opportunity to be certain I am pleased with the products.

Now for the exciting part, Loose Button has gracious offered to provide a 3 month subscription to the winner of this giveaway!!!

To participate you must be a Canadian resident.

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Makeup Giveaway Anyone?

When I hear the words Mary Kay my mind immediately goes back to eighth grade, sitting at my best friend’s kitchen table with my hair clipped back from my face listening to this very nice lady instructing me to cleanse my face with upwards, outward strokes. That day my friend Lori and I were taught all there was to know about skin care and applying cosmetics by a friend of her Mom’s who was a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.
A lot has changed since then, I no longer adore bubble bum pink lip gloss nor would I have imagined myself sitting at a kitchen table being instructed on skin care, actually I have to admit to thinking the folks who did that are crazy. No way would people see me without my “face” on.
Funny how things change. Obviously my need to check out the awesome products my friends had been using outweighed my vanity because this week at my kitchen table my friend and I were introduced to Mary Kay products.
What’s that you say oh loyal bloggy peeps?
Where’s the pic?
Nasty people..nasty.
 You didn’t really think I’d post that pic did you?
Please allow me to introduce you to the Independent Beauty Consultant who was instructing us, this is Jennie Hilts.
Jennie Hilts is a 34 year old single mom of two children who fell in love with Mary Kay products 15 years ago and took the step to becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant in 2006. Jennie also happens to be a friend of mine who always looks beautiful with her never-ending eyelashes spurring me to continue using mascara.
Q: Why use Mary Kay products rather than similar products from department stores? 
A: Mary Kay is actually based upon skin care, not just cosmetics. My job is to teach proper skin care and help design a program that meets individual life styles and needs. We have only one face for our entire  life so we need to take care of it. We spend hundreds of dollars on our hair and clothing but people don’t spend enough time taking care of their skin.
Through teaching in a private setting people are able to feel confident repeating the process on their own. Mary Kay offers one of the only complete daily age fighting skincare systems that can be customized by skin type. The products in other skin care regimes in the market place may not be designed to work together to deliver the best results as Mary Kay’s is.
Q: What about Mary Kay cosmetics, how do they compare?
A: Our colour cosmetics line is the “icing on the cake” and used to amplify a woman’s natural beauty. We offer a wide variety of mineral based cosmetic products, largest variety of foundation formulas and shades, men’s skin care, spa & body care, fragrances for men and women and sun care.
Q: What if I purchase Mary Kay products and decide I don’t like them?
Mary Kay stands behind it’s products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if for any reason a customer isn’t satisfied with the product it will be replaced, exchanged or full purchase refund.
Q: What makes women want to become a consultant?
  • They become members of the Direct Sellers Association which has a code of ethics and rules that Mary Kay upholds.
  • Direct selling allows women to sell products/services directly to customers away from traditional retail locations.
  • Mary Kay has the highest % income on products in any direct selling company
  • Each consultant decides on her own income level and is able to purchase product at wholesale pricing
  • free training – owning her own business with support.
Q: Can you give any tips?
A: Here are 5 fast facts:
  •  There are 5 essential steps for great skin care: cleanse, exfoliate, freshen, moisturize, protect.
  • Every time you go to bed without removing your makeup it ages your skin 17 days.
  • Correct foundation shade should literally disappear into the skin and blend with the skin tone on your neck.
  • Alcohol based lip balms/chap sticks are actually drying your lips out which creates a need for continuous application.
  • Mary Kay was recently featured in the Spring issue of The Kit.
I used the Time Wise line of skin care products including:
TimeWise® 3 in 1 Cleanser
TimeWise® Firming Eye Cream TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer
TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25
Satin Lips® Lip Balm
TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set
It was a miracle, I’m not certain which of these products achieved the baby’s butt feeling of my skin but I loved it!!. These products work so well together to achieve this light, clean feeling. My skin felt wonderful and I would recommend the products to everyone.
If you are interested in hosting a Mary Kay skin care/beauty event, purchasing product or becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant please contact Jennie and she will happily help you.
You can reach Jennie Hilts in the following ways:
Facebook: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Twitter: Partangel5
Jennie was kind enough to provide me with some products to GIVEAWAY here!!!!
Up for grabs are:
Mary Kay®Satin Lips® Lip Balm
Mary Kay® NouriShine® Lip Gloss
Mary Kay® Satin Hands® Hand Cream – Peach
How to Enter:
Please leave a comment telling me that you’ve entered in the following ways INDIVIDUALLY. i.e. if you’ve performed all 5 tasks please leave me 5 comments telling me so that each one is an Entry for you.
Mandatory entry: comment here what you think of when you hear “Mary Kay”
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