Aging Gracefully, Not Rotting

Lately I’ve been all about fabulous drink recipes and delicious food here, this is a GREAT thing but I’ve felt like I was in a bit of a quiet period when it came to writing about my life. Almost as if I was waiting, surrounded by silence…comfortably so I might add. Today I read a post from my friend Sarah on UrbanMoms titled I’m Officially Old and it got me thinking about aging gracefully vs becoming decrepit.

Silence is golden as they say. My world is silent throughout the daytime hours; I sit with no TV on, no music, either blogging or reading or resting. Excess noise tends to lead to migraines and diverts my attention, so our home is silent throughout the day while the little ones are at school.

There is actually humour in this, when I think back to the music which pumped out of my teenage bedroom or the super-sized bass that echoed down the streets as I drove by it makes me ponder aging. I’ve officially hit the point of life which I said I never would!

I am now a white-haired woman, dressed in comfort-fit waistbands who prefers silence to the sound of blaring music to “stir my soul”. I believe I’m actually worse than my Mum was; I just cannot concentrate if there’s background noise and am often found to be pleading with my children to speak one at a time….sigh, if this is 40 what will 50 look like?

I Refuse To Be A Grouchy Old Woman

It’s a total pain in the rump to have noticed this. Now I’m resenting the fact that I’m behaving like my geriatric years are upon me and am intent on youthifying myself. Yes, I’m making that a word.

I’m not going out to buy myself any of the neon-trends as of yet but I have been turning my car stereo up a few notches, I may have put on makeup to go to the grocery store and yes I did actually turn on MuchMusic this week only to find it’s all horrible TV shows which I don’t think I would have ever watched.

Sigh…..ok these may seem like feeble attempts but hey, I gotta get my mojo back!

Aging Gracefully, Not Rotting


I’m making a pact with myself. To begin with I’m going to turn on some acoustic tracks I adore when I can (it’s a process folks, SlipKnot can wait). I’m going to apply makeup when I’m going into public and will actually wear a bra (this one will really please my kids!).

Today I’m taking back the sound of life and youthifying! I’ve decided that I’d prefer aging gracefully instead of drying up quietly.

Believe me when I say I’ll still be seeking my silent times, these are important to me. Intentional silence is where I find God and reconnect with my purpose.

We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls. ~Mother Teresa

Even Mother Teresa knew Mama needs some silence in the day….but I won’t run from the noise of life anymore.

I’m going to do my best to embrace the summer months filled with kids chitter-chatter and dive into the noise of life in general. Within the noise I will live and hopefully stop myself from forgetting to enjoy it.

How about yourself, have you noticed changes as you age?

Fear Isn't Fact Even When It Feels Like It Is

The last few weeks have been quite busy in my little world of social media. When I began blogging here at SoberJulie I didn’t ever imagine that my online journal of memories would bring me to the place where I’m virtually sharing and learning as I do life. Now that I’m here I’m often humbled by the opportunity I have here to learn and grow by penning my thoughts and experiences.

As you all know I strive to say it like it is and to correct myself as often as I need to, I realize I’m someone who can easily veer off path when my attention is caught by something shiny. Thankfully I have an amazing support system who keeps me in check; believe me when I say my husband is apt to call me out if he feels I’m being inauthentic online…cough.

So where am I going with this post?

Forward I hope, onto the topic of Fear.

Fear is something which can stand in our way without us even realizing. When I began this blog I did so anonymously. I didn’t link it to my personal life at all until I was outed on Facebook. It was then that I stepped over the massive roadblock that fear had created and merged my online self with my real life self.

With my coming out (yes, I’m probably using this term incorrectly but dammit I want to) I was scared as hell! In my real life I’d told a handful of folks about my alcoholism and recovery, now the whole world would know. Not only that, my friends in recovery would have the opportunity to view and possibly judge my outlook on my sober journey.

My mind raced with the possible judgments, the sneers I saw people giving; over and over I analyzed the possible horrible opinions people would have of me!

Fear Almost Crippled Me

Fear had stolen my joyful appreciation for life and with its icy grip came an assumption that I had a clue of what would actually happen. This roadblock I’d allowed to be placed upon my path effected other areas of my life as I spent energy worrying instead of seeking out the positive. woman showing fear

Fear tends to have a ripple effect, if we entertain feelings of fear our minds perspective can become tainted. Suddenly I was seeing shadows where there weren’t any.

It wasn’t until my husband sat me down and cold slapped me verbally by asking “What’s the worst that can happen” that I actually stopped my inner insane dialogue long enough to look at the situation un-emotionally.

The worst that could happen is that people would judge me unfairly, based upon a pre-conceived notion. If that happened then perhaps they weren’t meant to be on my journey with me. Or as my husband put it, I’d be better off without them and either way it wouldn’t change who I actually was.

You see, when I get caught up in the circle of fear things appear larger than they really are. When I face that fear and take away its power the reality of the situation becomes clear.

In the end there are folks who will form an opinion of me which I would disagree with, but I can’t control that. I can simply roll along being as authentic as possible, checking myself along the way while striving to bring my best to the online and real life communities.

God gave me a chance to change and I feel its my duty to share this with the world, to show that anything is possible.

Fear Isn’t Fact Even When It Feels Like It Is

Fear isn’t a fact and I wonder if you’d agree with me when I say we sometimes get confused and treat it like it is.

As someone dealing with PTSD and other anxieties fear can be an inhibitor in my life which I’m determined to overcome. Fears, even those we are trying to overlook, can suck the energy right out of you. When caught in a state of fear one can become stuck in an anxious state, never actually experiencing all that life has to offer.

By learning to acknowledge and face fears we CAN steal back the power we’ve been losing. Having a belief in God pulls me towards this point, I have the gift of believing that He can handle all things. That I can turn to him for the strength to face fears when I’m weak and feel caught in a dark place. It’s a process which I undergo often and it’s one that I cherish and value.

Is fear interfering with your life?

In the near future I’m going to be sharing some techniques for identifying and dealing with fears. These have helped me immensely and I know they can help others as well.

Do you have fears which are stopping you in your life?

Women Who Inspire Me Celebrating International Womens Day

Today is International Womens Day, and in celebration I’d like to share the women in my life who have inspired me this year.

Lately I’ve been seeing far too many women berating, bashing or throwing other women under the bus and I think it’s time we begin to lift each other up and forget about the need to self-promote.

There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. ~ Madeleine Albright


International Womens Day Pink


It’s no secret that Pink is one of my favourite performers but she’s not simply a talented singer, dancer or writer!

This is a woman who began as a little girl with musical parents who had a dream and despite many hurdles and road blocks, she made it happen.

She found she didn’t conform to the trends in the current musical world and fought to make a niche for her own style.

Pink is a wife, mother and performer who inspires me on many levels.

“Women have to harness their power – it’s absolutely true. It’s just learning not to take the first no. And if you can’t go straight ahead, you go around the corner.” ~Cher


international women's day Ellie


Ellie is a dynamic woman whom I had the pleasure to meet once I arrived online, searching for blogs about women recovering from alcoholism.

Ellie is a wife and mother who faced her disease and beats it every single day! Ellie is the founder of a site which is dedicated to removing the stigma from alcoholism, Crying Out Now.

This woman, whom I’m proud to call a friend beat the snot out of tonsil cancer last year. She blogged about the horrific challenges of chemotherapy and poured her heart out to help herself and others on One Crafty Mother, once again showing me the POWER of honesty.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. 
You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” 
~ Lucille Ball 


International Womens Day Tanis


My quirky, wacky friend may be known to be outspoken in the social media realm but she’s also know to say what others are thinking.

Tanis is a brave, raw Mamma bear who fires me up within just a few words.

This year I’ve watched her go toe to toe with the word Retard, encourage men to breast feed, toss aside her Redneckness (in theory anyway) and just generally challenge me to WAKE UP.

If you’re looking for a warm-hearted, inspiring writer you’ve found her at

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.   ~Eleanor Roosevelt.


International Womens Day Shannon


Ah yes, Shannon is a dear friend who is apt to stop me at the pass each time I’m being reactive rather than taking a moment to settle my emotions and see the light. Shannon is my Christian soul-sister.

Shannon and I have the gift of spending many summer days on the beach together watching our children frolic in the lake. We have summer homes (ok trailers) at the same resort in Muskoka and can often be found trying to see our electronic devices in the blazing sun.

When I’ve been in dark valleys, Shannon has pulled me out by displaying her heart on Shasher’s Life and faith that God is with us at all times. She is happy to look into my troubled eyes and tell me to get over myself and move it along. I admire this.


These are a few of the stellar women I’ve had for inspiration over the past year, who has inspired you and have you let them know?

What is Life And Why Are You Waiting?

Today I wrote out a long article titled “What is Life When You Feel Held Hostage” which would have knocked your socks off!

I lamented, raged and was brilliantly eloquent about a subject which I shouldn’t post. I’m involved in a legal case stemming from my car accident 3 years ago and simply can’t openly write about that situation..knowing that lawyers are reading this now, hoping to use it against me gives me the creeps but it’s the reality of my situation at the moment.

All I can tell you is that I was amazing and instead I want to give you a bit of me on a different topic which will hopefully have the same message…here we go!

What is Life

This week I’ve been unwell, this is nothing new in my life. Physical pain has gotten the best of me for much of the past week and I’ve been lying down thinking about accepting life on life’s terms.


It’s a HUGE topic and apparently I can spend a horrendous amount of time contemplating it.

My daughters and husband are the ones who truly feel the effect of my chronic pain. Yes, I feel it physically but they feel it in my absence. Some will say it’s character building but in my heart I feel it as a form of robbery.

Our girls don’t have memories of me skating with them, swooping down the hills on skis or conquering the highest toboggan mountain. Instead they have memories of me sitting in a cozy chair or bed listening to them telling me about the event.

This is our life and I’ve come to terms with it but I don’t have to like it!

I hate that I’m not always present, I hate that I can’t be.swim

There’s no pretty way to say it, I’m not fully functional in my children’s lives. There are aspects of the kids lives which I simply can’t participate in.

Facts are facts and this is one reality in life that I can’t change so I’ve had to accept it and try to spin it into a positive for my children.

Instead of always skipping attending events I can’t fully participate in, now I go.

I go to the hills, to the events, to the ice rinks and I take photos, chat and stay as long as I physically can. I stand quietly by and watch my husband and friends helping my daughters to experience the aspects of life which I can’t today.

I’m stepping up and experiencing life on life’s terms

Rather than sitting and wallowing I made a decision to engage in life!

Are you doing this, asking what is life? Are you actually standing in your own skin, accepting who you are TODAY and staring down life looking for the joy that’s available?

Listen, I know all too well how hard it is to fight the instinct to give up. My journey has NOT gone to my plan at all and there have been days where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and hide. In fact, I’ve hit times where I’ve had to withdraw to build up my strength.

But there came a time when I couldn’t do this anymore. I couldn’t hide from life, if I did I wasn’t sure I’d bother coming back.

Knowing this I’ve learned my limitations and have accepted them. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on physical recovery, what it means is that I plan around them.

I attend events knowing that I’ve arranged quiet locations in which I can rest. I go to the beach with my special chair knowing that I will enjoy watching the girls play even if I can’t. I wave to my family as they go off to enjoy tubing on a friends boat knowing that I’ll hear all about it by the campfire that evening.

Instead of seeing what I’m missing in life, I’m focusing on what I’m experiencing.

Today I am sharing my perspective, just hoping someone will be inspired. While I’d rather share that amazing article I wrote about struggling though a situation I’m showing that we CAN engage in life on life’s terms.

That damned saying is proving true, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.”

Life is what we make it….yup there’s another cheesy sounding but oh so pertinent saying for you to consider.

Life for me is faith, family and living NOW not when everything is just the way I want or expect it to be.

Today I’m asking simply, what is life to you?

I Expected Too Much of Whitney Houston

whitney houston

One year ago one of my childhood icons passed away. Whitney Houston held a place on honor on my bedroom wall for a few of my teenage years next to Michael Jackson. To me she represented all that I wanted to become, strong, talented and beautiful; the list of attributes I assigned to her was long.
As time rolled on and my life changed, those posters no longer occupied my boudoir real estate but the impression of a woman to admire remained. It wasn’t until the Bobby Brown years, the arrests and tabloid frenzies that the image began to chip away.Ah yes, the Bobby Brown/Whitney years were ones of horrific tabloid photos, judgement and disdain. These are vague memories now, but I’m ashamed to admit she disappointed me. Yes ME, ever so important Julie was disgusted when Whitney was arrested for marajuana, when she stood by Brown at his spousal abuse hearing and after watching far too many interviews with Whitney slurring her speech and being a wreck in general I finally tore down the proverbial icon poster in my head.

I no longer admired Whitney Houston.

Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

It didn’t hit me until the news of her death, it never entered my head as I battled my own demons and faced my alcoholism. As is likely to happen, finally the reality of life smacked me upside the head that day when I read the announcement of her death.

Who the heck was I to have ever judged Whitney Houston? She was a human being, one who was always worthy of support but never of idolism. Whitney was simply a performer, a talented human who didn’t even know I existed.

How many times in my life had people let me down, disappointed me or surprised me with their behaviors?

Could it actually be that my expectations of people have been wrong? Is it actually possible that we as human beings are apt to err when being evaluated by someone else’s system of metrics?

I sat that morning staring into a steaming cup of coffee feeling like it was actually me who had dropped the ball. As I reviewed the various people to whom I’d stacked into the unreliable category it became apparent to me that my outlook may have been skewed.

Life is simply too short to be measuring people by my expectations, instead from that moment on I decided to accept people as they are not as I think they should be. By recognizing people’s limitations, quirks and even their annoying behaviors I’ve come to a point where I can see the positive they bring to my life.

Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure of renewing friendships which I’d let go and strengthening those I hold dear. Through this time I’ve embraced the good, the bad and the ugly in folks I choose to have in my life. I do this because most of them have done it with me in the past and for that I’m grateful.

I’m not famous, I’m not an award winning talented actress/songstress and yet people in my life were there for me when I was at my worst. People were pulling for me, praying for me and I’m hands down certain I had let them down in the past. These folks didn’t write me off or give up on me and it didn’t strike me until I read about a fellow addict’s death.

If you have people in your lives who are disappointing you, maybe its time to reevaluate your expectations of them and see if you can tweak it so in future you’re not disappointed.

Weight-Loss, Temptation and Retraining My Thoughts – Link UP

One week ago I announced that I’ve begun a 90 Day Weight-loss challenge with high-hopes and a feeling of excitement. Why is it that it only takes a week for me to feel like I’m slogging through, desperately diverting my gaze from the lovely cheeses in the grocery store, feeling like I should run from temptation?

Temptation, ah yes well I’ve proven in life that I am one who tends to dive right in when faced with a temptation and we all know how that can end for me. Alcoholic much?

So knowing that I tend to be a person who seeks instant gratification you’d think I’d have enough tools in my little red toolbox of life to fend off that feeling where my mind is screaming “I NEED THAT” at me right?weight loss craving

Apparently not; by Tuesday I was ogling foods full of preservatives and fatty deliciousness almost convincing myself that I could have just a wee bit to stave off the need. My inner thoughts were horrible, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, pop…..utterly focused upon whatever foods I had made the decision to eliminate from my diet were at the forefront.

I was going crazy!

Why did I think weight loss would be easy?

Chalk it up to good intentions with little reality but I really thought I could jump back on the healthy living train with little discomfort. I hadn’t really gotten far off track but I had been eating whatever I wanted for a few months, cough ok more than a few but still.

Ultimately I had to give my head a shake and reach out for the tools of success which I’ve learned over my almost 40 years.

The fact is that temptation will always surround me, whether it’s alcohol, unhealthy foods or anything else resembles something sparkly to me at the time I can be assured I will find it. I cannot avoid temptation.

Rather than avoiding temptation I’m refocusing my thoughts.

I’m choosing to pay attention to my goals and allow this focus to overwhelm the feeling of temptation.

For example, when I was feeling that deep, all-encompassing need to eat something which wasn’t on my dietary plan I moved myself into a different place and shut the thought down by focusing upon my goal.

Here’s how it went:

“Oh my goodness I haven’t had a pop in 3 days, I want one badly. I can drive to the store and get a pop, it’s cheap and there’s no calories so really it’s ok”

BANG, temptation presented in my thoughts and plans made in a millisecond.

Action: Stood up, walked to the kitchen and poured an ice water while thinking:

“Breathe, just breathe, move to kitchen and get water.” then “What do I have to do today, ok so now onto task 1”

In those few moments I rid myself of the instant need for the temptation and redirected my actions and thoughts back on track. I even got some things done that I was avoiding simply to keep my hands and mind busy.

It’s a matter of training myself to replace bad habits.

In the end this week I did keep to my plan and the fixation upon cheese (I know it’s a bizarre one) has passed for now but I know it will be back. By knowing that it will I have planned my strategy for dealing with it and know that I can overcome the “need”.

This week I went without any pop (or soda for you Americans), avoided processed foods and ended up losing 6 pounds. To me the weight-loss is less important than proving to myself that I CAN retrain my unhealthy behaviours by choosing to change my thoughts.

Once again my thoughts drive my behaviours and I know between God and I we’ve got the power to achieve beautiful things!

So tell me friends, how’d you do this week?

Were you facing temptations and if so how did you jump the hurdles?

Don’t forget to link up your posts if you’re writing about a resolution/improvement in your life.

90 Day Weight-Loss Challenge Motivated Monday

Well it’s a beautiful day here in suburbia, possibly because it’s the kids first day back to school and silence has reclaimed my home. Nothing wrong with Mom doing high-kicks in her minds eye as she waves the kids off at the door right? Of course if I really want to achieve a high-kick in real life I’d better get going with my weight-loss efforts.

It’s the beginning of getting routine back to normal and with it I’m implementing some new routines. I’m restarting my Motivated Monday articles. For those who aren’t familiar I began Motivated Mondays last year when I committed to getting moving and weight loss.

Motivated Monday

Each week I’ll be sharing my efforts, I’m determined to use these articles to keep me accountable. I’ve committed to the 90 Day Challenge from Creative Bioscience which will have me eating in a healthy manner, counting calories and moving my body. Each day I plan on walking and listing here my results from the last week.

I would love for some of you to get involved, I could use the extra support frankly. If you blog feel free to link up your posts and if you don’t please, please comment so we can pat each other on the back and keep each other moving towards the healthy selves we’re seeking.

Are You a Blogger Interested in the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

If you’re a blogger who is ready, willing and able to take on the Creative BioScience 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge why don’t you join me? Creative BioScience is willing to help whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100, head over and fill out the form to apply here:

Discount to buy Creative BioScience HCG1234

My followers may use my personal discount code for Creative BioScience at
My code is JULIE

My Goals Week #1

To begin with this week I plan to walk each day, take my vitamins, follow the HCG1234 routine and consume 1200 calories/day. Next week I’ll provide any weight-loss or gain numbers as well as measurements.

What are you doing to improve your health right now?

Link up your posts below, let’s support one another!

It's Official, My First Book is Available! Mocktails Recipes #Mocktails&More

Well friends the time has finally arrived, I’ve finally done it!

Get the fist pumping ready friends…….drumroll……….

I just hit PUBLISH on my first book!

Can I get a woot woot?


Ok, back to normal (yeah right as if this rosey glow anytime soon) but I’ll try and lay it all out for you here because I’m super proud of this book which is my baby.

This all began a few years ago when I was experiencing holiday gatherings without drinking for the first time since I had my daughters. I felt out of my depth suddenly being in “party” gatherings without the mask of alcohol to bring me out of my shell…..yes believe it or not I have a shell here folks.

As I navigated through the room my hands felt empty, my husband suggested I’d feel better with a drink my hand. The only beverages I could find at most events were pop, tap water and if I was lucky there was coffee and tea.

It’s taken me almost 3 years to get to this point but here it is, I finally compiled enough recipes to justify publishing them. After months of planning, mixing and muddling Mocktails & More has arrived!!!

If you’d like to buy it you can simply click on the photo below, the image at the top of my sidebar on the right or click HERE. 


Don’t even think this is some boring old recipe book, this book is jammed with professional photos from Trish Beesley Photography and recipes I’ve actually played with to perfect. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the twist, Molson Coors Canada has joined me to provide Responsible Hosting Tips and their Brewmasters have modified 4 recipes to be cocktail options.

Mocktails & More

Mocktails & More is the ultimate survival handbook for the hectic Holiday Season!

Julie Elsdon-Height, also know as Sober Julie on social media, is a humorous woman who shoots straight from the hip, sharing about her life of sobriety and looking to experience all of the joys life has to offer.

With Mocktails & More, Julie shares her favorite 20 Mocktail recipes each displayed with professional photography and tidbits of inspiration delivered in her humorous style.

And if this wasn’t enough, Julie has once again decided to step out of the box and invited Molson Coors Canada to come on board providing tips for making Responsible Choices over the Holidays. Molson Coors Canada’s brewmasters have reviewed Julie’s recipes and modified a select few to present Cocktail alternatives.

Mocktails & More is wonderfully thought-out, well written and will inspire you as you entertain over the Holidays.

I hope this book will inspire you to provide some delicious, gorgeous drink choices for your guest who aren’t drinking alcohol over the holiday season. This really is a simple way to ensure all of your guests feel special, and heck why not just enjoy a Holiday Mocktail yourself?
Here is a sneak preview of the first few pages…….let’s all raise a glass to Mocktails & More!!!

Malware, Car Accident & Stomach Flu All In One Week

It’s been one of those weeks….one of those weeks when it feels like you must be in a really cheesy movie depicting a family who has no luck other than back luck.

Last week began quite well, I think I may have tipped the scale when I commented to my husband that I was loving life. My hair has been looking fabulous, the girls are happy and I’ve been able to deal with life on life’s terms….ah those innocent words I declared with such confidence!

As the week rolled along I began to notice that things were out of whack. The kids suddenly had attitudes about everything, I’d put salt into my coffee instead of sugar (total freakin horror) and other ridiculous mishaps…..Then it came to a head on Thursday!

As per usual after sending the kids off to school I came down to the dungeon (family room), settled into my recliner surrounded by pillows and plopped my trusty laptop in its usual place in my lap.

As I gratefully sipped my first coffee of the day I was rudely interrupted by an alien scene. What the heck is this….this doesn’t look like my normal Windows start up screen?


Smart HDD

Holy Mother of all that is Holy HELP!!!!

The world began to crash in upon me, I couldn’t see most of my files… felt and looked like something had invaded my beautiful, trusty laptop and erased 3/4 of my files. My memories. My heart was in my stomach as I began googling any combinations of words which could possibly tell me how to fix this.

Malware SUCKS

Turns out that I had a malware virus which is called the Smart HDD (from HELL) virus, it invades your computer and hides files to make it appear like everything is gone when it’s actually not. This virus wants you to click to buy their help, that way they get your financial info….thank God I didn’t actually do this even though I was so inclined…

Instead I reached out to my friend who owns Autism United and is a complete computer whiz, he helped me to unhide my files so I could quickly get them onto my external drive. DO THIS PEOPLE, back up your files on an external drive TODAY.

Once my files were copied I was less frantic, my kind friend was willing to step me through the removal of the virus but unfortunately with my cognitive disability it was an utter failure. He gave me simple instructions….and I forgot them before I even clicked on the pages. So I resigned myself to sending my baby in to the Tech Doctors the next day.

And Then The Car Was Taken Out of Commission

At this point it was late in the evening and my husband was at work, I was in a better mood when I heard the tell-tale ring tone which tells me Hubby is phoning. Hmmm strange, he should be driving to work….let me say at this point, I’ll never understand why men will drive over something instead of going around it….apparently he’d driven over something which had hit the undercarriage of our ONLY reliable vehicle on the way into work and was broken down at the side of the road waiting for CAA to arrive.

CAA did their thing and got our vehicle into the shop, hubby to work and finally I went off to bed after some refreshing time in prayer.

Sounds of a Child Puking Can’t Be Good

As 5am rolled around I was snuggled in my bed dreaming when I was rudely awakened by the sound of someone retching in the bathroom. Before my feet hit the floor my darling 8 year old was wailing for me between heaves.

Yes my friends, to add to my challenging 24 hours the stomach flu had descended upon our happy home. Rising quickly I grabbed a wash cloth from the hall closet on my way and pasted on my still-sleepy-capable-soothing-Mum face…..and so it began….24 hours of cuddles, lysol and dry toast.

You know your child is ill when she’ll cuddle her younger sister!


Some surprising things happened as a result of all this….not the least that I remained somewhat sane.

I am strong in my Faith

Each time something hit this week I prayed, I knew I couldn’t handle it but God could.

People are kind. Of course I shared each situation on social media and folks responded so kindly.

Generosity shocks me. I tend to be generous to others but didn’t quite realize that I had low expectations of others. When my friend Christine at MommyMatter found out I was without a computer she drove over an hour with her adorable children to visit. I thought this was just going to be a day spent with a friend but she floored me by presenting me with what she calls an early Christmas gift!

MacBook ProYes, I now in possession and control of a gorgeous MacBook Pro! This is a HUGE gift which I was reluctant to accept but when Christine said it was collecting dust at her house (this gal has the tech bug, I won’t list the # of computers she’s running) who was I to refuse?

Her generosity caught me off guard and once again it proved to me that I have no idea what others will do or say but I’m so grateful…

I believe that with each challenge in life we’re presented the opportunity to grow and learn. This week I’ve certainly learned and I hope I’ve grown but apparently not enough yet……

Once again this morning I’ve been presented with a challenging situation, instead of attending church with the rest of my family I’m standing in my driveway freezing beside our newly repaired car which won’t start.Thankfully we have our CAA membership there’s no way the bank account could absorb much more!


I apologize for this rambling post, my brain seems to be a bit dim at the moment. I’m sure you will all forgive me as I go to brew a coffee and zone out for a while….