Guess who is having Tea with OWN Canada & Going to Oprah #LifeClass?

LifeClass-OprahI’m an Oprah fan, I feel like I have been since birth but it’s probably more accurate to say since my high-school years. Yes I’m often found buying books because they have the Oprah seal of approval and choosing Christmas presents because I saw them on the Favorite Things show. Well, I suppose that’s all in the past now that Oprah’s off the air….or is it?

There are certain television programs which I watch loyally and when Oprah ended I was disappointed. A few months ago,  I sat scrolling through the 600+ channels on satellite TV and nothing to watch! And then…. what to my wondering eyes appeared???

Why it’s OWN Canada!!

Shaddup, the Oprah Winfrey Network has FINALLY come to Canada….why didn’t I know about this? Apparently normal folks pick up on these HUGE announcements all over the internet but I was behind on this one.

Thankfully I’d stumbled across a free preview for the OWN Canada network and of course I whipped open Twitter and began contacting OWN, gushing my thanks.

Oprah-LifeclassNext I went to the OWN Canada website and found Oprah’s LifeClass. It’s Oprah’s latest series where she reveals lessons she’s found valuable over her 25 years on television, I’ve devoured the videos of past shows and have been moved deeply.

“In order to ignite passion you have to be exposed, get outta the boat Peter!~Bishop T.D. Jakes”

The Bishop is speaking my language.

Oprah’s LifeClass is coming to Toronto on Monday and I’m going to be there!!!!

On April 16, Oprah takes the stage for her first live show ever from Canada—and it’s the largest Lifeclass event yet! Author Iyanla Vanzant, business and life strategist Tony Robbins, Bishop T.D. Jakes and spiritualist Deepak Chopra teach the world’s largest classroom about the power of forgiveness and give viewers the tools they need to break free of the past and take control of the future. Tune in to OWN and log on to or at 8/7c. Read More.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, as you all know I’m all about the power of change and forgiveness!!!
Today just got better and better; I’ve been honored with an invitation to Afternoon Tea from OWN Canada? Yes friends, it’s true! Obviously I’m excited to enjoy the fabulous Fairmont Royal York Hotel’s Afternoon Tea but it is exciting to be meeting the people behind OWN Canada!
Now I’m off to my parent’s house to be reminded of acceptable etiquette.

I've Got Facebook Moves Like Jagger

Photo: Akeeris

If you don’t know me in person perhaps you look at my blog, my Facebook page or my Twitter stream and think “Wow Julie really has it together, she’s one FINE example of a sassy, capable woman….look how she juggles it all and manages to stay in touch online!”

Allow me a moment to relish in that thought would you?……

Ok so here’s the deal, I know this may shock you but…..

I’m not always online when it looks like I am.


“But Julie you just sent out a Tweet that changed my life, you rocked my perspective…are you saying this was inauthentic?”

Well…cough….nope, not inauthentic but I wrote that Tweet at a different time then when it flew into my stream and you saw it.

I pre-schedule Tweets.

I pre-schedule Facebook updates.

I pre-schedule my blog posts.

Yes friends, I’ve taken advantage of the oh-so-simple tools available to me to assist with social media. Now some people will have an issue with this, they will think that I’m misleading them. They won’t like that it can take me days to respond to them and perhaps become even more irritated while they’re waiting for a response and see me updating a status.

Am I a sell out?

Possibly, but with good reason.

Photo: Michal Marcol

My life isn’t all happy, happy, joy, joy. (How much did you love Ren and Stimpy?)

Every day I wake up in pain; it’s become a constant companion which I’m still learning to live with. Dealing with chronic pain isn’t a simple task; there are coping skills to learn, different medications to try, each of which have side-effects to work out. My brain doesn’t seem to be what it once was, I can’t multi-task anymore, it drives me crazy that I can’t remember things which I should and it’s frustrating when a simple blog post can take me all day to write because I need breaks.

Thankfully my perspective is positive, that in itself was a process, and often I find the rug slipping out from under me and I have to work to get back the gratitude for the everyday gifts I’m granted.

Suffice it to say I have some challenges, but this post isn’t actually about that. This post is about me lying in bed, lazy-boy or on the couch, propped up with pillows typing away from my laptop or iPad. I would like to think you all imagine me looking strikingly glamorous, sitting at a desk while I write but I am afraid I’m popping the proverbial bubble with this blog entry.

Most days my hair isn’t done, I’m usually in yoga pants and a hoodie and filling up my cup of hope by reading blogs. Not only do I become inspired to write but it’s cathartic for my heart to write and read the amazing stories shared on the internet. On the days when I can’t get out of the house, the interaction here makes me feel somewhat human.

On average I get a few hours of “good” time in a day, the other hours are not so hot. These “good” hours are spent trying to get some light housework done, spending time with our children and engaging in rehab therapies. Then there are my “in-between” hours where the pain has increased, my mind is a bit dimmer, this is when I write. That’s awesome that my writing happens then…imagine what I could achieve on full-throttle! The other hours are spent resting, in a quite dark room where I don’t have to think or respond.

Blogging saved me when I was so low in the valley, it gave me an outlet to share some of myself to others and begin to feel purposeful again. By using the automated tools, I’ve been able to keep up interaction with my readers and friends at times when I couldn’t have otherwise.

Sometimes the pain takes over and I need to rest, that’s just a given.

There are bad days, days where I can’t be myself and on those days I grab a back-up blog post and with a simple click it goes live on my blog. During these times I also appreciate the fantastic guest-posts my friends have written for me, just last month I reached out to some blogger friends. I had a period where I was down, wayyyyy down and couldn’t write. These friends stepped up for me and kept my readers interested while showing me their love.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

My situation is just one example of this, I’ve found a way to appear “present” for my readers when in fact I’m not. This has been handy but on the down-side people have used it to the negative, it can appear that I’m a fully capable person which my ego loves but can lead to disappointment for those who expect more than I’m capable of.

My task is to provide full-disclosure. As always I’m open and am willing to share my limitations freely but to that person who recently said “You must be fine, you’re online all day!“….well to you my friend I have a few choice words but suffice it to say, you’re not as brilliant as you think!

I don’t have moves like Jagger but I have automation that helps me seem like Houdini!

To my blogger friends who have taught me about automating online interaction and provided guest-posts: thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

To my readers and friends, thank you for sticking it out with me when I’m not actually online. I do my best to read all comments and interactions but if I miss something please do forgive me, give me a prod by letting me know what I’ve missed and rest-assured I’ll get back to you asap….it could take a week but I promise I do my best!

Tools to automate:

Tweetdeck: you can automate Facebook and Twitter status and arrange feeds to help you respond in an organized fashion

Blogger/WordPress: instead of hitting Publish, hit the edit button and schedule the time for the update

There are so many other programs out there, just Google schedule update (whichever social media outlet you’re using).

How about you, my valued reader…..does it bother you that I automate?




Being Honest Sucks!

I haven’t been entirely honest…..

My husband has pointed out that I’m not really telling “all” here on my blog, that I’m skimming over some aspects of who I am and holding back. Believe me when I say that this has led to challenging conversations between us, I love the fact that he is able to be direct with me but oh it does sting at times. Imagine me sitting with him, listening to his point of view….my stomach in knots, feeling over-protective of my little writing space….believe it or not I didn’t raise my voice or use my favorite profanities once during our discussions….gold star for me!

Hearing the truth sucked because I had been avoiding it. I do share a lot of myself here, in fact I know it’s made some people in my “real” life uncomfortable, heck they’ve told me directly and even asked not to be included in my articles here. I get that, there ARE some aspects of my life which are off-limits; you’ll never read anything about my sex-life, anything which would damage someone in my life or jeopardize someone’s privacy. I don’t write drunk-a-logs nor will I ever write about the ongoing legal issues resulting from my car accident (no matter how great the articles would be!).

Sounds like I have a pretty good hold on my limits doesn’t it? Except they’re going to expand, I hate to admit it but my husband is correct. Anyone who tells him I wrote that should fear for their lives…just sayin.

Apparently I’ve been toeing the line, believe it or not I’m serious!

I’ve been cautious…not fearful but almost non-committal with my views on subjects which I’m passionate about. I’ve felt the urge to write about certain situations but lazily watched the opportunities pass by. By simply omitting these topics I’ve steered any challenging conversations away from me, in turn this makes sure I’m not ruffling feathers.

You see, I began this blog as a journal for my recovery to help me remember it. Over time I decided to try and expand my readership from the recovery area into a more main-stream audience. I wanted to get my message across all demographics, to remove the stigma from alcoholism and show people that they can improve their lives…..that fear is just a feeling and we CAN overcome it.

Coming into the mainstream and loudly proclaiming that I’m an alcoholic was strange at first, both for me and my new readers. I believe you all have gotten to know me and frankly I’ve gotten comfortable with you all. I must be comfy if I’m sharing my Christmas stories, my negative internal thoughts, my pain and my failings as a mother with you.

Comfortable is a GOOD feeling, what the hell am I doing risking losing it?

Well between my husband’s much-too-bloody-true comments and Single Dad Laughing’s post I am feeling convicted.

Convicted…now there’s a good word but it’s a pain-in-the-rump when you get the actual feeling. I use that word when I feel something in my gut, when my heart is screaming at me to do something I don’t want to.

In this case I am feeling like I have to open myself up more here, I have to share my views on things that matter. Yes I’ll still be writing about my meandering everyday happenings, sharing fab products when I can and revealing what inspires me….but you’re going to get the rest of me as well.

There is more you know, I’m not simply this dashing, witty vixen I appear to be.

There is a side of me who gets ticked off, who has strong views on people who milk the system, the judgmental folks who live in glass houses….I have views on things which I haven’t shared here and from here on in I will.

This is your warning….this is my coming out, I promise to keep it clean, to refrain from using the foul words my potty-mouth wants to, I will ensure I’m respectful but from here on out I will not hold back….I am going to share myself as I state: “Straight Up!”

Because this Alcoholic, Christian, Wife, Mother, Friend….well she just can’t waste time pussy-footing around. I will write about the hard topics I spend time thinking about and I do hope you’ll be here for the ride…..especially if we disagree, the conversations could be enlightening on all sides.

What do you think, is this a good start…are you ready for this ride?

Thanks to Hubby and to Dan at Single Dad Laughing, you’re both jerks for inspiring me to take the plunge….but I appreciate that!

Reflections from Blog West 2012


This past week I had the opportunity to attend BlogWest 2012 in Edmonton, this was the first Blog Conference held in Western Canada. It all began when a girl had a dream, Felicia Dewar had attended a conference in Toronto and wanted to bring the experience to her home province for all bloggers to enjoy. With loads of hard work, great support and a few sleepless nights Felicia pulled off a successful conference in a mere 8 weeks!

Over the course of this 3 day event there were information-rich speaker sessions which caused me to pause and reflect. As a blogger I sit and pen my thoughts for the world to see and conferences give me the opportunity to consider my direction. Questions such as “What’s my brand” or “How far am I willing to go to spread my message?” spring to mind to challenge my outlook. Funny that second question was actually stimulated by my own speaking session, titled “Use Your Power for Good, Not Evil“.


Writing can become an insular situation, sitting here behind my laptop clicking away I would hope that I’m mindful of my readers but immersing myself in a room of writers has the benefit of perspective.

Blog West stirred me up, this to me is a successful conference. I gained insights on questions I’d had about technical information, suffice it to say this means I realized that I know very little and will need the help of an expert!

The session I led was a great experience, it ended up being a discussion session (which is exactly what I’d hoped), where the attendees engaged in a lively discussion on using social media to affect change for good. I did have a friend video tape it and hope to share it in the future….but one take-away for myself is that I must be even more clear about my goal with my readers. I think that it’s not necessarily obvious to a new reader that I seek to remove the stigma of alcoholism and to encourage others to make healthy changes in their lives by sharing my story in a transparent manner.

So there it is, I need to refine my blog design a bit….nothing wrong with a new dress every now and again right?

Now onto the fun part, the photos!!!

Fabulous panels!








Reuniting with fab friends!




Dinners with wonderful folks!



Thank you so much to my sponsor Adult Essential Gummies for allowing me to represent your brand while in Edmonton, it was an honor which I’ll never forget!


Tales of Bliss~Canadian Family

This past Fall I had the pleasure of attending a conference in Toronto, Blissdom Canada. While there I attended many inspiring and educational sessions which helped me define more clearly where I wanted to take Sober Julie Doing Life.

At one of these sessions the editor of Canadian Family magazine invited us to submit articles using the topic “Finding Your Bliss”.

Canadian Family logo

Of course this fit well with my journey in life and I penned up a piece and submitted it.

Well friends, my article was chosen to be included in their Tales of Bliss Competition!!

My article is called Journeying to Bliss – Julie Elsdon-Height and I’d love for you to go to the Canadian Family website and read it.

If you like it head over to the Voting Page, scroll down and cast a vote for Journeying to Bliss – Julie Elsdon-Height.

Thank you all so much, I’d really appreciate it.


I can't believe Facebook did that! – Outed As An Alcoholic On Social Media

My sobriety date is February 6th, 2010. Being so fragile in early sobriety I shared this with few friends and my family only. Twenty days into my sober life I was involved in a car accident which left me unable to continue my corporate role. While this is a horrible experience, it did make it even easier to remain anonymous.

It’s not like I had to tell anyone, it’s more that I just can’t keep a secret. Honestly, it’s like I was born with an internal “must spill to the world” button. I am the girl who calls all of her friends when something big happens; every major accomplishment in my life or the lives of others is a reason to celebrate! The morning that I found out I was pregnant, 7 weeks I might add, everyone in my network had received a phone call or email by 10am.

This time however, I couldn’t seem to open the flood gates to celebrate. Deep within myself something had changed, I’d become truly desolate and frightened. This wasn’t a happy-go-lucky, everything’s going to be okay situation. I’d finally admitted to myself that the floor had dropped out from under me and I’d lost control of my life.

After the car accident I had a lot of time on my hands, my daughters were in school and my husband was taking care of the activities I used to. My days were filled with pain, therapies, rest and Facebook. Some very kind people showed up almost daily to take me to 12 Step meetings, my faith and my sobriety grew strong while my body wasn’t able.

One day while on Facebook, I stumbled across an online 12 Step Meeting Group and joined up eagerly.  It felt great being able to interact with people who faced the same disease on the days when I just couldn’t leave the house. It wasn’t long before I realized that my posts on that group’s page showed up in the feed on my Facebook profile’s wall. A friend of mine from childhood “liked” the fact that I’d commented on the group whose name is very obviously a well-known 12 step program.

Outed As An Alcoholic On Social Media

I was shocked, I had no idea it wasn’t a secret group, my stomach dropped and I’d broken into a sweat. I had over 500 friends in my list at the time, ranging from long lost elementary school folks to relatives in England. In that moment I had a choice, I could delete the feed post and find a “secret” group or I could use this as an opportunity to share with others.

Before I sought help I knew I was a heavy drinker, in fact I knew it was a problem. I thought that I was weak, unable to curb my weekend habit. In my mind a stronger person would be able to resist and my self-image quickly eroded away as I woke with shame each morning after. This day I sat there remembering this, realizing that I’d said in the past I didn’t know an alcoholic didn’t have to drink daily to qualify as an alcoholic.

It wasn’t easy making the decision but finally I updated my status to announce the days I had sober and hit update. While I waited for the fallout I was shocked as I received messages over the next few weeks from friends who have experienced alcoholism in their own lives.

Over the next 6 months I had numerous public interactions on Facebook regarding sobriety and alcoholism; the stigma I’d placed upon it seemed to dwindle and my confidence increased.

Today I live my life one day at a time, I cannot control what will come but I will control my responses. As long as my spiritual foundation is strong, God can give me the strength, courage and wisdom I need.


Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

AA Daily Reading

The simplicity of the A.A. program teaches me that happiness isn’t something I can “demand.” It comes upon me quietly, while I serve others. In offering my hand to the newcomer or to someone who has relapsed, I find that my own sobriety has been recharged with indescribable gratitude and happiness.

Asking For Your Help Today

Last night I was lying in bed struggling to sleep and of course this is when the most wonderful idea for a post enters my mind.

Sleeping Beauty

Now in the light of day I’m scrambling to remember what it was, I know that I was thinking about my message…..what it is that I want to put out there to the world and how best to refine it.

Last year was a great blogging year, I’ve met so many fab people, read some hilarious articles and written some if I do say so myself!

The best part of my year are the emails I’ve received, the ones from people asking questions which were stimulated from one of my posts. These emails have stimulated conversations, friendships have been made and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with people.

There have been times when I’ve considered getting rid of the “Sober” tag in my social media name. The name Sober Julie could have a negative reaction from some, in fact I’ve had people message me letting me know that they’re reading my blog or tweets but they can’t respond publically because of their anonymity.

Hearing that, I considered dropping the “Sober” but ultimately I can’t.

It has little to do with my established Brand and more to do with the message I want to bring to people through Social Media.

While I do want to bring my readers fantastic product opportunities and I do love sharing authors who inspire me, that’s not the main point of my purpose.

At different times in my life I’ve gotten lost within life, sure I was succeeding in some areas but I wasn’t balanced in the sense of mind, body and spirit.

As you all know I’ve found a life of sobriety and work hard to maintain it.

Sobriety isn’t simply about abstaining from alcohol or drugs, it’s a state of being.

Websters defines Sober as:

~not having one’s mind affected by alcohol

 ~based on sound reasoning or information

~not joking or playful in mood or manner

~not excessively showy

~given to or marked by restraint in the satisfaction of one’s appetites

While these all apply to me…..cough, okay so I’m excessively showy at times….I don’t think the word only applies to alcohol and drugs.

So yes that’s me, Sober Julie and now I need a tag line and I’m open to your help!

I’ve thought of many and had even thought I’d gotten it down but I think that this is the time to open up my consideration to your input.

So here are some choices and/or ideas I’ve had, I’d appreciate your comments.

~Finding serenity in this chaotic life

~Sobriety is a state of mind

~Sober doesn’t suck

~Life is chaotic, our lives don’t have to be

I want to reflect that Sobriety is more than the abstinence, that each of us has many sides to us and often life is difficult but we can rise above all of this if we’re spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy.

That’s what Sober Julie Doing Life is about, hopefully to connect with others and when possible to provide a safe place for people to hope, help and love.

Please let me know your ideas here friends, let me know what you’ve found here or drop an idea for my tagline!!



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Remember this? A Year ago…One Day At A Time

Good morning friends, it’s rainly here in November which is quite different than usual at this time of year.  Here in the burbs an hour North of Toronto we are usually facing snow at this time of year. This has had me reminicing over the last year of blogging and going over old articles.

I wrote a piece last December titled One Day at a Time which I’m going to share with you below simply because I wrote it so early on in my blogging life (2nd post) and it’s quite fantastic!

****note: I don’t love my Jeep as much these days, there’s something to be said for seat heaters!****

One Day At A Time

Funny this blogging, it takes me huge energy (due to some issues I have from the car accident) and yet everything that happens in a day seems to be blog worthy. For those who are over the age of 30 and have an ounce of humor that is equivalent to sponge worthy ala Elaine of Friends. Wasn’t Phoebe the best?
So my life is crazy right now and yet I find Peace and Joy at each turn. Each time I feel the limitations I suffer since this car accident I have to divert my attention so I don’t become overwhelmed by the pity pot to which I’m susceptible. Not that hard when there is quality TV programming such as the Maury “Who’s your baby Daddy” show on each day. For real these people MUST be paid to be on there. I digress.

Today I’m doing a few odes…..first off on my list is my….


Don’t lie or be kind it’s horrific! (and since retired to the scrap heap in the sky)
This beaut was a garage sale find, shocking as that is….I tried the Pottery Barn alas they just didn’t have the quality of FUG I was seeking. This baby was $20 and worth every penny until I can get an actual recliner which I can sit in. I have issues with my back/neck so to be comfy I need to sit with feet up. With the FUGCLINER I only need 4 pillows including a very sleep neck pillow such as they sell at CAA….yes Paris it’s HAWT. (is she still cool or am I old?)
LOVE the amount of 80′s tacky this puppy brings to our living room, I sit in it listening to my Milli Vanilli tape.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friend Julie (wicked cool chick, check out her website on my link) who named said luscious piece of furniture.
Next on my list is my….
ANTIQUE JEEP …circa 1997
Ok so she looks sexy as can be right here, all 4×4 and snow worthy but under all this Loveliness is rust, bondo and a vehicle that is hell on gas.
Now we bought this in the spring, hubby worked nights with the only vehicle (company vehicle was taken back after the accident when we realized I would be off work for a while).
I am lovin the Jeep but see that white stuff?
Not so much.
I was never EVER scared of winter driving, did all my learning in it so wasn’t an issue. Now since the accident I’m terrified, like sweat covered, shaking, gripping the wheel, breathing deeply scared. Soooo I drive in town only when necessary and hubby takes it to work. I like looking at it ….in a certain light it’s like the Porche SUV I always wanted ;)
The last item I was diggin today is my….
Wait, that’s not mine…note the sleep look and the thin ankle area which would need me to bend to slip on? Nope I don’t qualify. Nor can I wear my heels…..lace ups….well basically my pair speaks for itself:
Just like these:
Sexy has met it’s match in these. Listen folks there’s nothing sexier than me not falling on my rump because I have no balance. They are warm, easy to slip on and my kids can help ;)
Functional is the new black.
Today I am grateful to have celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday (so bloody sweet) to have taken the opportunity to read a Devotion and a Big Book chapter again ….and to try to blog.
With all that my body and emotions are going through my spirit has lifted me. My God and true core belief in my sobriety has helped me soar over my frustration, pain, sorrow to a place where I am feeling blessed.
Oh and to update you all, I chaired the Christmas Gratitude meeting for my Home Group on Saturday and it was AMAZING, I had friends who attended who had never been to a meeting before. Totally wonderful. Another group’s member approached me and asked me to speak!! So I’m going to this month…whoohooo ;)
Hoping within this 24 hours your growth, serenity, courage and wisdom have been granted.
“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33
‘Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10