Simple Summer Quiche Recipe

A crowd favourite during summer gatherings around here has always been Quiche. There are millions variations on the standard Quiche recipe but today I’m sharing with you my simple answer which can be whipped up in minutes!

This recipe begins with a pre-made pie crust, while some of you may be gasping in horror we all know that it’s a time saver and in these summer months when the kiddos are home I’m often glad for quick options. I keep a few pre-made crusts in the fridge and as long as I have eggs and cheese I can make up a Quiche at any time.

This recipe is somewhat traditional, I’m using onions, ham, mushroom, cheddar cheese and red peppers. It’s a simple Summer Quiche recipe which can be made ahead and stored in the fridge until guests arrive.

Simple Summer Quiche Recipe

Simple Summer Quiche Recipe


  • 9 inch pre-made pie crust
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 cup milk (or cream if you prefer)
  • 1 cup ham, cubed
  • 1 cup mushroom
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/4 cup chives, chopped
  • 1/4 cup chopped red pepper
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Quiche Recipe Ingredients

Turn on your oven to pre-heat to 400 degrees. Sauté the diced ham, chopped onions, red peppers and onions in the oil until they’re golden.

Quiche Recipe Fast Fry

Crack eggs into a bowl, add in chopped chives, salt, pepper and milk and whisk until blended completely.

Quiche Recipe eggs beatenPlace your sautéed mixture into the pie crust and pour in the egg mixture until it’s near the top of the crust. Remember that this will rise as it cooks so do not over fill. Top with cheddar cheese and you’re ready to place into your pre-heated oven.

Quiche Recipe ready for oven

Bake for 40 minutes or until a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean and top is golden brown. Let it stand for 5 minutes before serving or serve cold.

Quiche Recipe

Simple Summer Quiche Recipe
Recipe Type: lunch
Author: Julie Elsdon-Height
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6-8
A simple quiche recipe which can be made in minutes
  • 9 inch pre-made pie crust
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 cup milk (or cream if you prefer)
  • 1 cup ham, cubed
  • 1 cup mushroom
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/4 cup chives, chopped
  • 1/4 cup chopped red pepper
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Turn on your oven to preheat to 400 degrees.
  2. Sauté the diced ham, chopped onions, red peppers and onions in the oil until they’re golden.
  3. Crack eggs into a bowl, add in chopped chives, salt, pepper and milk and whisk until blended completely.
  4. Place your sautéed mixture into the pie crust and pour in the egg mixture until it’s near the top of the crust. Remember that this will rise as it cooks so do not over fill.
  5. Top with cheddar cheese and you’re ready to place into your pre-heated oven.
  6. Bake for 40 minutes or until a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean and top is golden brown.
  7. Let it stand for 5 minutes before serving or serve cold.

Chicken Farmers Partners with Swimming Canada! WIN $100 Gift Card!

As the Health Ambassador for Chicken Farmers of Canada, I am super excited to tell you all that Swimming Canada has  announced that Chicken Canada has officially been named the “the official protein of swimming in Canada.”

Swimming Canada is the national governing body of competitive swimming. They encourage Canadians to embrace an active lifestyle of swimming, sport, fitness and health. The federation comprises 75,000 members and 400 swim clubs across the country.

“By naming fresh Canadian chicken ‘the official protein of swimming in Canada,’ this partnership showcases a spirit of cooperation between two organizations that believe in promoting healthy lifestyles,” said Chris Wilson, Director of Marketing & Events at Swimming Canada.

When we think of healthy living, swimming is an activity which comes to mind. Swimming is a low-impact, cardiovascular exercise which almost anyone can participate in, no matter their physical abilities.  Chicken is also a key in healthy living, it’s a valuable ingredient in a well-blanced diet which is essential to healthy living.

As a mother with physical disabilities, swimming is the one activity I can comfortably participate in with my children. From May – September we can be found in our backyard pool or enjoy time swimming in the lake in Muskoka. The number of times we’ve enjoyed BBQ chicken after a day of swimming is too high to count, the two go together for our family.

Swimming Canada and Chicken Farmers working to promote healthy living & water safety.


To celebrate the partnership, Chicken Farmers of Canada has created these 4 adorable “Pool Peeps” and need your help naming 2 of them!

WIN by Naming the “Pool Peeps”

Kicker and Splash’s siblings need your help! The two peeps have signed up for swimming lessons at their local pool but don’t have a name to put down on their registration form. Kicker and Splash are asking you to submit a name for the two peeps so they can participate in their lessons this summer

Your suggestions can be sent to through June 19, and two $100 gift certificates to Toys R Us will be awarded to the winners. To see the details, rules and regulations please visit: Name the Pool Peeps Contest.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Chicken Farmers of Canada program by ShesConnected.  I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this program. The opinions on this blog are my own.” (Ensure ShesConnected is linked to

If You Eat Healthy, Does Your Family Need To Take a Multi Vitamin?

There is no question that the best source from which to get your vitamins and minerals is by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains, protein and omega 3 rich fish.  The fact is many families are on the go and busy and quite often the side of vegetables is not served at the drive thru and the only fruit you may get your kids to eat is a glass of orange juice.multi vitamin

Whether or not to take a multi vitamin, or any vitamin, depends on a number of factors.  If you eat a well balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, dairy, eggs, grains and meat and alternatives then it is likely you don’t need an additional source of vitamins.

If you are lactose intolerant, your kids are picky eaters, there are food allergies in your family or you are eating on the run more nights than you are sitting at the kitchen table, then there may be health benefits to taking vitamins.

Key Vitamins

This list shows the key nutrients that should be a part of your families diet to maintain optimal health.  If you know you are not getting these vitamins on a regular basis, then looking for a multi vitamin that includes this alphabet on its ingredient list may be a good option for your family.

Vitamin A for eyes, skin and immune system found in mango, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and grapefruit.

Vitamin B for energy and creating red blood cells found in peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas and mango.

Vitamin C for growth and tissue repair and stronger immune system from oranges, red peppers, broccoli, grapefruit and strawberries.

Vitamin D for strong bones, teeth as well as nerves, muscle and immune systems found in eggs, dairy, chicken, beef and fortified juice and cereals.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant important to boost your immune system and fight viruses and is found in spinach, blackberries, kiwi and raspberries.

Omega 3s –  Protect against heart disease, reduces symptoms of hypertension, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), dementia, joint pain and boosts immune system.  Found in fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, salmon and in some fortified eggs and juice.

Fiber – in addition to preventing constipation it helps lower blood cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels and may also help prevent and treat a variety of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Good amounts of fibre is found in peas, apples, pears, grains, barely, and beans.

If you have healthy fruit and vegetable eaters but they don’t like fish, then perhaps just an Omega 3 supplement is what is right for your family.   Talk to your family doctor to determine if you or your kids need to take a multi vitamin.  They will review your typical weekly meal plan to determine what nutrients may be lacking and then look to increase those foods in your diet, or consider a supplement.

Remember, it’s the nutrients we need and not artificial colouring, flavours or sweeteners. Read the label carefully for the medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients and choose one that is specially formulated to meet your needs.

Good nutrition for all ages starts with serving a wide variety of whole, fresh foods as much as possible. A good multivitamin acts like a back up plan and is a great way to enhance a balanced, healthy diet – not replace it.  Including a daily multivitamin alongside fruits and vegetables will help to ensure your family gets all of the vitamins they need to be healthy and active!

LINK – kids need a multi vitamin –

LINK – daily multi vitamin –

debBIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She blogs on dozens of websites about Raising Healthy Kids and ensures her own have fun while eating healthy & staying active.  To read more articles and see her favorite recipes starring squash and spinach that she promises even your kids will love, visit her websites  & or visit her on Twitter @KidsGummyMum or Facebook at IronKids.Health and Adult Essentials.

Fast Facts On Fat – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

We have been inundated with the term ‘fat free’ in the media, at the grocery store and in health magazines, leading us to believe that going fat free is the healthy route.  Truth is, once fat is removed chemicals, sugars, refined carbohydrates and fillers are added to replace the flavour the fat once provided.  Consuming fat is OK, even healthy, as long as you know the facts on fat and can distinguish the good from the bad and the ugly!

What does Fat-Free Mean
Fat free does not mean calorie free, nor does it mean eat as much as you like, or that this product is healthier that the full fat version.  What is does mean is that the food has less than 0.5 grams of fat per serving.  It will generally contain fewer calories and can be used to replace higher fat choices, but using fat free foods as a license to eat more, will usually not work.  The obesity rates for Americans has doubled in the last 20 years, the same time frame in which we have had this must eat ‘fat free’ mentality.  Clearly, fat free isn’t working!

How Much Fat is OK
A healthy diet allows for 30% of your daily calories to come from fat. For the average person consuming 2000 calories per day, this would mean 600 calories or 66 grams of that can come from fat and still be a healthy diet (1 gram of fat = 9 calories).  The key is to eat more good fats and less bad fats.

The Good
Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are known as the “good fats” because they reduce your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and improve overall health.

Good monounsaturated fats include olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, avocadoes, olives, almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews, peanuts, peanut butter.   Good polyunsaturated fats are soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, soymilk and tofu.

The Bad
Saturated fats and trans fats are known as the “bad fats” as they lead to disease, increased weight and poor health.  Saturated fats and trans fats tend to be solid at room temperature like butter or margarine, while the good fats tend to be liquid like olive oil.

Examples of saturated fats that should be consumed in moderation, if not avoided, include high fat cuts of meat like beef, lamb or pork, chicken with the skin on, whole fat milk and cream, butter, ice cream, palm and coconut oil, and lard.

The Ugly
Trans fats are just plain ugly and should not be a part of your diet as they contribute to major health problems from heart disease, weight gain, and clogged arteries to cancer.  A trans fat is a normal fat molecule that has been deformed during a process called hydrogenation.  Partially hydrogenating vegetable oils makes them more stable and less likely to spoil, which is very good for food manufacturers but very bad for your health.

The primary source of trans fats in our diet comes from commercially-prepared baked goods and snack foods that have found their way to pantries and kids school lunches.  Anything with the term “partially hydrogenated oil” in the ingredients list, even if the food claims to be trans fat free, is never a healthy option.  Trans fats can be hiding in the ‘healthy muffin’, the ‘whole grain’ cookie and even in some brands of vitamins, make sure you read your labels.

Trans fat foods to avoid include commercially baked pastries, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes and pizza dough, in packaged snacks like crackers, popcorn, chips, cake mixes, pancake mixes and chocolate drink mixes, in fried foods such as french fries, chicken nuggets and breaded fish and in candy bars.

Simple Ways to Eat More With Less

  • Use olive oil in place of butter
  • Eat a handful of almonds in place of cookies
  • Add good fats to your salads like olives, avocados & seeds
  • Top salads with rice wine vinegar in place of prepared dressing
  • Serve Omega 3 rich salmon or tuna in place of red meat
  • Choose beans and legumes to thicken chili and soups in place of ground meat
  • Enjoy raw or roasted veggies in place of deep fried
  • Bake whole grain, fruit filled snacks instead of buying packaged
  • Make your own breaded fish and chicken nuggets and bake instead of fry
  • Find healthy alternatives to salty, crunchy snacks – try kale chips or roasted chick pea’s
Choose good fats more often, read ingredient lists carefully when considering choosing a fat free option and avoid the ugly trans fats always!


debBIO: Deb Lowther is a mother of 3 young daughters who, when not running after the kids, is running in the trails! She blogs on dozens of websites about Raising Healthy Kids and ensures her own have fun while eating healthy & staying active.  To read more articles and see her favorite recipes starring squash and spinach that she promises even your kids will love, visit her websites  &  or visit her on Twitter@KidsGummyMum or Facebook at IronKids.Health and Adult Essentials.

Zerona Canada – Leaders in Inch Loss Twitter Party #RapidInchLoss

For so many of us removing unwanted fat and trying to lose inches from our bodies has become a source of endless frustration. Perhaps you’ve spent hours exercising, targeting different areas of your body and yet aren’t seeing the results you desire.


Zerona Inch Loss


Zerona Canada is a company who knows exactly how you’re feeling, they’ve developed a new non-invasive body sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. Sounds like the magical answer doesn’t it? Are you having doubts that it’s possible, I know I did!

I came across Zerona Canada’s website recently and began to read. It didn’t take me long to become interested, frankly any treatment that is approved by the FDA and Health Canada is worthy of investigation in my opinion. After doing some research and meeting with some folks from Zerona Canada I felt confident that this would be much less invasive than other choices such as lyposuction.

Zerona doesn’t eliminate the fat cells.

ZeronaCanada Inch LossThe treatment actually zap the cells with cold laser which creates a hole or pore in the fat cell. The pores allow the junk from within the fat cell to be eliminated and flushed out of the body. Essentially Zerona essentially detoxifies and flattens the fat cells.

With the amazing claims that Zerona was making, of course I had to see it for myself!

Zerona Canada was kind enough to allow me to tour 2 of their facilities and undergo one treatment to be able to share my impressions with you all.

Firstly the offices are clean, welcoming and staffed by friendly, certified representatives. I was told in advance to ensure I was well hydrated and that I would be dressed only in my bra and underwear for the treatment. Yeah that’s comfortable!

Thankfully the Zerona staff was professional and put me at ease. I was measured from multiple locations over my body including my neck, waist, hips, knees etc. I was weighed and had an analysis done which showed my overall status in relation to hydration, fat percentage and other factors which I can’t recall.

Next I was told to lie down and get comfy, for a blissful 40 minutes I layer under the laser in a quiet room. The experience was relaxing and comfortable.

I Lost 6 Inches With My First Zerona Treatment

Following treatment I was measured in exactly the same locations which the lady had marked on my body. I had lost 6 inches over my body, 2 of which were from the largest part of my abdomen!

The results speak for themselves, Zerona worked for me and now I’m pleased to be sharing the new with you all!

If you’d like to connect with Zerona you can find them on Facebook or Twitter and they have many reviews available to you on their website and blogs.

Twitter Party Alert!

When: Monday, February 4th, 2013 – 9pm ET

Where: On Twitter using the hashtag #RapidInchLoss

Who: @ZeronaCanada, @SoberJulie (host), @SimplyStacienet, @MommyMatter@ThisLilPiglet, @ChancesMommy, @MommyKatandKids

WhyLet’s talk about rapid inch loss, you know you want answers!

Prizes: Open to residents of Canada, 2 packages including in each:

  • 9 Zerona treatments,
  • free consultation and body composition analysis,
  • and free nutrition consultation. Value $2900 dollars.

RSVP: Provide your Twitter profile name and url in the link below.

Why I Need a Personal Assistant to Lose Weight

It’s Monday once again and time for a recap on my commitment to lose weight. Last week I re-learned some things about myself that I thought I’d out grown.

Motivated Monday

Last week was week #2 of this journey and in week #1 I’d managed to resist temptation so leading into week #2 I was feeling confident I could keep this party going.

As the week went on my focus left my eating habits and I allowed myself to be absorbed by the demands of daily living. In the end I did continue drinking water and resisting obvious temptations but I didn’t pay enough attention to healthy eating.

Let me explain how it works here in Julie’s world. I have a brain injury, one which somehow affects my levels of hunger and how my body alerts me to hunger. Because of this I use reminders on my phone to eat. Last week I didn’t respond immediately to the alarms on my phone and ended up feeling light-headed at 2pm too many times.

Rushing to the kitchen to grab a healthy meal just doesn’t work for me, certainly not when I realize I haven’t eaten anything by 2pm. My hand stretched right over the fruit and veggies and landed upon foods that were high in fats and carbs. My bad habits were kicking in. Once again I’d proven to myself the importance of meal planning and my ability to fail when not properly prepared.

Meal Planning is Essential to Lose Weight

Each of us faces different challenges when trying to lose weight, for me meal planning is essential. Personally I need to have a list of foods which are healthy choices and mustn’t forget to shop for the ingredients. I’m unable to think fast and make substitutions, these days I’m much like a turtle in high-stress situations.

This is a characteristic I’ve fought hard against but it’s simply a reality I must plan for. If I take the time to establish a meal plan my chances for success are much better and my moral will stay up.

Last week I did lose 1 pound but overall I don’t see that as a success because I’d much rather have made healthy eating choices. In the long run I want to change my life, somehow retrain myself to choose the healthy items first.

I believe this can be done by establishing habits and the first step comes with awareness…….after last week I’ve got the awareness and this week I’ll be using a food tracker. Whew, ok it feels great to be honest here and recognize my weaknesses. Using the meal planner and food tracker will help me to build up my strength.

How about you, do you have a health goal?

If you are writing about it anywhere feel free to link up.

Weight-Loss, Temptation and Retraining My Thoughts – Link UP

One week ago I announced that I’ve begun a 90 Day Weight-loss challenge with high-hopes and a feeling of excitement. Why is it that it only takes a week for me to feel like I’m slogging through, desperately diverting my gaze from the lovely cheeses in the grocery store, feeling like I should run from temptation?

Temptation, ah yes well I’ve proven in life that I am one who tends to dive right in when faced with a temptation and we all know how that can end for me. Alcoholic much?

So knowing that I tend to be a person who seeks instant gratification you’d think I’d have enough tools in my little red toolbox of life to fend off that feeling where my mind is screaming “I NEED THAT” at me right?weight loss craving

Apparently not; by Tuesday I was ogling foods full of preservatives and fatty deliciousness almost convincing myself that I could have just a wee bit to stave off the need. My inner thoughts were horrible, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, pop…..utterly focused upon whatever foods I had made the decision to eliminate from my diet were at the forefront.

I was going crazy!

Why did I think weight loss would be easy?

Chalk it up to good intentions with little reality but I really thought I could jump back on the healthy living train with little discomfort. I hadn’t really gotten far off track but I had been eating whatever I wanted for a few months, cough ok more than a few but still.

Ultimately I had to give my head a shake and reach out for the tools of success which I’ve learned over my almost 40 years.

The fact is that temptation will always surround me, whether it’s alcohol, unhealthy foods or anything else resembles something sparkly to me at the time I can be assured I will find it. I cannot avoid temptation.

Rather than avoiding temptation I’m refocusing my thoughts.

I’m choosing to pay attention to my goals and allow this focus to overwhelm the feeling of temptation.

For example, when I was feeling that deep, all-encompassing need to eat something which wasn’t on my dietary plan I moved myself into a different place and shut the thought down by focusing upon my goal.

Here’s how it went:

“Oh my goodness I haven’t had a pop in 3 days, I want one badly. I can drive to the store and get a pop, it’s cheap and there’s no calories so really it’s ok”

BANG, temptation presented in my thoughts and plans made in a millisecond.

Action: Stood up, walked to the kitchen and poured an ice water while thinking:

“Breathe, just breathe, move to kitchen and get water.” then “What do I have to do today, ok so now onto task 1”

In those few moments I rid myself of the instant need for the temptation and redirected my actions and thoughts back on track. I even got some things done that I was avoiding simply to keep my hands and mind busy.

It’s a matter of training myself to replace bad habits.

In the end this week I did keep to my plan and the fixation upon cheese (I know it’s a bizarre one) has passed for now but I know it will be back. By knowing that it will I have planned my strategy for dealing with it and know that I can overcome the “need”.

This week I went without any pop (or soda for you Americans), avoided processed foods and ended up losing 6 pounds. To me the weight-loss is less important than proving to myself that I CAN retrain my unhealthy behaviours by choosing to change my thoughts.

Once again my thoughts drive my behaviours and I know between God and I we’ve got the power to achieve beautiful things!

So tell me friends, how’d you do this week?

Were you facing temptations and if so how did you jump the hurdles?

Don’t forget to link up your posts if you’re writing about a resolution/improvement in your life.

90 Day Weight-Loss Challenge Motivated Monday

Well it’s a beautiful day here in suburbia, possibly because it’s the kids first day back to school and silence has reclaimed my home. Nothing wrong with Mom doing high-kicks in her minds eye as she waves the kids off at the door right? Of course if I really want to achieve a high-kick in real life I’d better get going with my weight-loss efforts.

It’s the beginning of getting routine back to normal and with it I’m implementing some new routines. I’m restarting my Motivated Monday articles. For those who aren’t familiar I began Motivated Mondays last year when I committed to getting moving and weight loss.

Motivated Monday

Each week I’ll be sharing my efforts, I’m determined to use these articles to keep me accountable. I’ve committed to the 90 Day Challenge from Creative Bioscience which will have me eating in a healthy manner, counting calories and moving my body. Each day I plan on walking and listing here my results from the last week.

I would love for some of you to get involved, I could use the extra support frankly. If you blog feel free to link up your posts and if you don’t please, please comment so we can pat each other on the back and keep each other moving towards the healthy selves we’re seeking.

Are You a Blogger Interested in the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

If you’re a blogger who is ready, willing and able to take on the Creative BioScience 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge why don’t you join me? Creative BioScience is willing to help whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100, head over and fill out the form to apply here:

Discount to buy Creative BioScience HCG1234

My followers may use my personal discount code for Creative BioScience at
My code is JULIE

My Goals Week #1

To begin with this week I plan to walk each day, take my vitamins, follow the HCG1234 routine and consume 1200 calories/day. Next week I’ll provide any weight-loss or gain numbers as well as measurements.

What are you doing to improve your health right now?

Link up your posts below, let’s support one another!

I'm Committing to a 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Sponsored By Creative BioScience

As you all know I’m a believer in working to improve my health. Last year at this time I committed to weight loss by watching what I was eating. I was quite successful but am determined to do better now!

My entire life I’ve fought being overweight, I’ve done every diet known to man and the only thing which worked to keep off weight is heavy physical exercise. Between injuries from a car accident and living with chronic pain heavy exercise isn’t possible for me these days. I do believe in keeping moving and will do so but add an under active thyroid to the equation and you’ll see why I’m challenged in the weight loss department.

I’ve been given the opportunity to review my choice of Creative Bioscience products for 90 days. I will be beginning a 90 day challenge with Creative BioScience.  They are generously offering me a 90 Day Supply of their hCG1234 Diet.


hCG drops have become an amazing tool in the war on weight loss. They are derived from the original hCG diet protocol from Dr. Simeons who found that the hCG hormone produced by both men and women specifically targets fat cells as energy sources without the need to exercise. hCG drops are taken sublingually (under the tongue) for maximum absorption without injections. The FDA regulates the use of the drug hCG, and as a result all formulations sold without a prescription, including ours, are hormone free. You still get all the great benefits of hCG drops weight loss, but without any hormones.

Our flagship hCG drops product is hCG 1234®, originally named after the 4 phases of the hCG drops diet. As the leader in hCG dieting we have diversified our product offerings to cater to an even wider group of dieters giving more people more tools for successful weight loss. The line-up now includes hCG 1234®, hCG Zero Capsules™, hCG Zero Liquid™ and hCG 1200™. Additionally our new formulations allow more wiggle room in terms of the allowed amount of daily calories. We kept the original 500 but have added diets for 800 and 1200 calories per day.

I’ve chosen the Creative BioScience hCG123 90 day weight loss challenge because it offers rapid weight loss, decreases hunger and will help me to stabilize my diet. This sounds like a well rounded plan for me where I’ll be ingesting herbal extracts and aminos and once again I’ll be in control.

I am very excited to begin this challenge and share my weight loss efforts here. Are any of you embarking on a weight loss effort in the near future, if so I’d love to hear about it.

Are You a Blogger Interested in the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

If you’re a blogger who is ready, willing and able to take on the Creative BioScience 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge why don’t you join me? Creative BioScience is willing to help whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100, head over and fill out the form to apply here:


October is Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Please welcome my friend Shannon to, she has asked me to share some information about Brain Tumor awareness with my readers. This is an important topic and until now I had never known the signs and symptoms. Thank you Shannon for providing this guest post stocked with info.


We all know what the pink ribbon is for.  I want to tell you about another ribbon.  One that is near and dear to my…. brain.  It is the grey ribbon.

October is Brain Tumour Awareness Month #BTAM2012 in Canada. You can find all sorts of information at the Brain Tumour Foundation Of Canadas website.

Did you know that 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour every day?  I was one of them on September 13, 2009.  You can read more about that day HERE.

Did you know that there is no know cause of a brain tumour?

Did you know that there are over 120 different types of brain tumours?

Did you know that Brain tumours in children are different from those in adults and are often treated differently. Although as many as 60% of children with brain tumours will survive, they are often left with long-term side effects.

Find out more brain tumour facts HERE.

Signs and symptoms of a brain tumour (please contact your family doctor if you have any of these symptoms).  Here is a list from the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada website:

Every day this month you can read a story of strength on Brain Tumour Foundation of Canadas website.

Spread the word this month.  Here is a list of social media messages you can share.

Thank you to all my blogger friends that shared the meassage with me!